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The GST Council in its 17th meeting on June 18, 2017 has affirmed the roll out of GST from July 1, 2017. Also The GST Acts have already been implemented W.E.F. 22-06-2017 in phase manner. The next GST Council Meeting will be on June 30, 2017 just before the biggest tax reform sees light of the day.

Given above, it is time to be GST-ready-and-compliant to welcome the biggest tax reform in India from 1 July onwards!

We are providing our expert GST Services for the following:

Phase 1 - GST Training

·Delivering focused group trainings / workshop for the management and key executives.

Phase 2 – GST Impact Assessment & Planning

·Understand current business model of your business in discussion with management

·Undertaking GST impact analysis for your business transactions and specific activities.

Phase 3 - Transition Support

·Support in GST enrolment

·Advisory with regard to strategic disclosures and transition reporting requirements

·Review of key Agreements expected to continue under the GST regime

·Analysis of implications on pending transactions on cut-over date

·Drafting specimen communication to be circulated to vendor group & Customers

·Drafting of sample documents including but not limited to invoices, stock transfer notes, credit / debit notes, etc.

·Filing of applicable GST returns within the prescribed timelines to carry forward existing tax credit eligible as input tax credit in the GST regime

Phase 3 - Post-GST compliances

· Assistance in preparation and filing of monthly GST returns

· Annual compliance return.

· Technical advisory on GST related matters.

Please feel free to write to us for any support in relation to the above.